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Sir Maestro of Remnant Nation TV & Media LLC, Angel Lion Entertainment, and Sound Body Productions Presents…

“Eazy-E Tribute 2021 LIVE PPV”

 Hosted By: Layzie Bone (Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony)

    Featuring Special Guest(s): (To Be Announced).


In tribute to fallen Rap Legend Eric “Eazy-E” Wright, His son LilEazy, Bloodline Harmony (Cleve The Harmony God, GoldeeSTIG, SoThrowed, Lil Bizzy & YBL Sinatra), Krayzie Bone Jr., Mar Jae Angel, Compton MUSA, TripJaymez, Sinner19000, Khaos562, MayBachDice, StreetActive*Speaks*, YoungNTG, Big Animal*Speaks*, and others rip the stage & speak in a Live PPV Concert featuring various artist and comedians.


 RemnantNation.TV at Eazy-E Tribute 2021 LIVE PPV

Event goes live 5pm PST – October 24, 2021 Click Purchase Today.

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@officalremnantv on IG & FB

@remnantvnetwork on Twitter

@remnantnation. tv on YouTube

Additional sponsors include: Rubber Ducky USA, TRAP ORAGNICS, Cannabis Wellness Party, Tequila Brown, Only One Media Group, Odyssey Marine N Motor Sports, Rock Deep Global, Let’s Get Live TV, ANGEL LION ENTERTAINMENT, SOUND BODY PRODUCTIONS, REMNANT NATION TV & MEDIA LLC.

credit ComptonMusa


credit Lil Eazy E
Lil Eazy E


credit Black Sam
Black Sam


credit Cleve The                     Harmony God
Cleve The Harmony God

Artist / Group

credit Trip Jaymez
Trip Jaymez


credit Layzie Bone (B.T.N.H.)
Layzie Bone (B.T.N.H.)

Artist / Group / Host

credit Mar Jae Angel
Mar Jae Angel

Artist / Co-Host / Event Organizer / Sponsor

credit Sir Maestro
Sir Maestro

Actor / Artist / Audio Engineer / Director / Executive Producer / Producer / Sponsor / Video Engineer

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PPV Special Events.

Purchase $99 / $20.00

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